Hello Everyone,

This is my First Blog on my website so I think  it appropriate to begin with the painting titled "Life & Death" as it was the one that started the genre "Neoplasticity.It was the first painting that I completed in 2009 after the sudden death of my first wife.  Neoplasticity is in the movement of psychic automatism, which gives priority to the process, emphasizing impulse over premeditated composition.  The involves the introduction of a main figural element as subject matter, painted with oils or acrylics and fine detail added with pen and ink, creating a sense of shadow and movement, with hidden figures and symbols.  I use a variety of handblown glass pens from Murano Italy to traditional instruments with brass nibs.

 As I needed to occupy my mind and to distract myself from this terrible event I needed something tedious to work on.  I had a canvas on my easel and couple of tubes of paint on my tabouret beside me and an old bottle of ink on my writing desk.  As I began the painting the large eye was first as I decided to grab the ink bottle from my desk to create a striking contrast and achieve the detail I wanted, as if to compose a written document instead of a painting,  I realized this was the true purpose for this painting...a state of mind suspended between two forms of self expression (writing and painting).

 The painting reads as follows...The large eye in the upper left is my eye, the priest in the lower right corner was the beginning and the end.,the face below the eye is life.  As you travel clockwise around the painting you will see important names in my life.  And finally an image of my former wife upside down as you return to the bottom right corner to the priest. As he symbolizes both life and death.

 This type of art is my focus,  On occasion I put forth work that is more abstract but I usually incorporate Ink and several types of media such as Oil,Ink,Oil Pastel,pencil.