Three paintings by Franz Fox have been selected for Steadfast Magazine's Issue No.3, A Tribute to Cuba. Steadfast Magazine is a New York City based bi-annual publication dedicated in valuing and supporting the contemporary artist in modern society. This issue is a devotion to Cuban and Cuban-American artist representation and the awe-inspiring survival of artistic inspiration in individuals who find freedom each day through a steadfast desire to create. 

Fox was born in Holguin, Cuba. His family immigrated to the US just before the Cuban Missile crisis. Three Fox works will be included in this publication. This issue will debut in Miami during Art Basel in December, 2016.
Fox has been invited to participate in a curated group show, in which select artists from the issue will debut their work on the opening night of the event in Miami

An article about Fox and three paintings in his Neoplasticity genre will be featured in the magazine. The paintings include Windows(below), 60 x 48 mixed media on canvas, Absinthe of Malice, 48 x 36, mixed media on canvas, and Corpus, 48 x 36, mixed media on canvas.

Fox is currently working from his studio in Lancaster County, PA.  He is represented by Viridian Gallery in Chelsea, New York City, NY and InLiquid in Philadelphia, PA and in Boston, MA.