From Landscapes of the Mind to Neoplasticity, A Conversation with Fine Arts Painter Franz Fox

An article about fine arts painter Franz Fox, “From Landscapes of the Mind” to “Neoplasticity”:  A Conversation with Franz Fox by Joya Mia Italiano is featured on Huffington Post contributor page, on June14, 2017. The piece features 4 paintings by Fox and explains the inspiration behind his paintings. Click on the link below to read the article

Franz Fox at "The Painted Bride"

Franz Fox will be part of a two artist show at the Painted Bride in Philadelphia.The title of the show will be "When Myth's Meet".

The address is 230 Vine Street,Philadelphia.The opening receptions will be as follows: Friday,April 7th from 5:00pm-7:00pm and May 5th from 5:00pm-7:00pm. The show will run April & May.

Inliquid Art + Design procured the show.They will be curating and will be installing the show.

Below is an image of one of the paintings included in the show titled: Meltdown. This is a Mixed Media piece using Oil pastel,Acrylic,Ink and colored pencil. By Artist Franz Fox.This painting is 36"x 30" in size.

Franz Fox Meltdown.JPG

Franz Fox Joins Works Featured at Haley & Steele, Boston is a revolutionary new way to select high quality artwork from a large online gallery, and then personally view it at a gallery before you purchase it.  Seven of fine arts painter, Franz Fox's abstract works are now part of the collection.  FineArtCollector is based in Boston, MA.  There are galleries across the USA associated with where art lovers can have their paintings sent for personal viewing before deciding to purchase.  Franz Fox joined Fine Art Collector in November of 2016.  His work Corpus is being featured during a 5 man show at Boston's Haley & Steele Gallery.  The show opens on November 25 and runs through the month of December.  The gallery is located at 162 Newberry Street.  Their hours of operation are Tuesday through Friday from 10:30am to 5pm, Saturdays from 10:30am to 5pm.  Phone number is 617-536-6339.  A link to Fox's works is

Corpus, 48 x 36 mixed media on canvas, 2016 by Franz Fox

Corpus, 48 x 36 mixed media on canvas, 2016 by Franz Fox


Three paintings by Franz Fox have been selected for Steadfast Magazine's Issue No.3, A Tribute to Cuba. Steadfast Magazine is a New York City based bi-annual publication dedicated in valuing and supporting the contemporary artist in modern society. This issue is a devotion to Cuban and Cuban-American artist representation and the awe-inspiring survival of artistic inspiration in individuals who find freedom each day through a steadfast desire to create. 

Fox was born in Holguin, Cuba. His family immigrated to the US just before the Cuban Missile crisis. Three Fox works will be included in this publication. This issue will debut in Miami during Art Basel in December, 2016.
Fox has been invited to participate in a curated group show, in which select artists from the issue will debut their work on the opening night of the event in Miami

An article about Fox and three paintings in his Neoplasticity genre will be featured in the magazine. The paintings include Windows(below), 60 x 48 mixed media on canvas, Absinthe of Malice, 48 x 36, mixed media on canvas, and Corpus, 48 x 36, mixed media on canvas.

Fox is currently working from his studio in Lancaster County, PA.  He is represented by Viridian Gallery in Chelsea, New York City, NY and InLiquid in Philadelphia, PA and in Boston, MA.



Hello Everyone,

This is my First Blog on my website so I think  it appropriate to begin with the painting titled "Life & Death" as it was the one that started the genre "Neoplasticity.It was the first painting that I completed in 2009 after the sudden death of my first wife.

As I needed to occupy my mind and  to distract myself from this terrible event I needed something tedious to work on.I had a canvas on my easel and couple of tubes of paint on my tabouret beside me and an old bottle of ink on my writing desk.As I began the painting the large eye was first as I decided to grab the ink bottle from my desk to create a striking contrast and achieve the detail I wanted, as if to compose a written document instead of a painting,I realized this was the true purpose for this painting...a state of mind suspended between to forms of self expression(writing and painting).

The painting reads as follows...The large eye in the upper left is my eye,the priest in the lower right corner was the beginning and the end.,the face bellow the eye is life. As you travel clockwise around the painting you will see important names in my life. And finally an image of my former wife upside down as you return to the bottom right corner to the priest.As he symbolizes both life and death.

This type of art is my focus,on occasion I put forth work that is more abstract but I usually incorporate Ink and several types of media such as Oil,Ink,Oil Pastel,pencil.


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