Franz Fox Solo Show at the Gallery of Modern Masters

During the months of May and June, 2019, fine arts painter, Franz Fox, was featured in a solo show at the Gallery of Modern Masters in Lancaster, PA. Fox was present for multiple receptions during the show.

Born with creative juices in his blood and an island of color at his fingertips, Franz Fox was introduced to the arts early on. Making their way to the United States just before the Cuban missile crisis, the forced move marked the first stop on a long list of family travels. His formal education is in architecture. Fox also studied painting in Paris, France and Malaga, Spain. The influence of his Spanish heritage can be seen in his works. Fox ran his own gallery in Lancaster for five years before moving onto the national stage. Since then he has shown work in New York City, Boston, MA, Philadelphia, Naples and Sedona.

About 90 works by Fox were featured, including abstract paintings Caribbean Soul, Meltdown and Overspill as well as several new abstracts and a collection of impasto florals in various sizes.

The Gallery of Modern Masters is located at 28 Penn Square, Lancaster, PA behind the sculpture fountain. The Gallery is owned and operated by Franklin and Marshall alumni. Franz Fox works from his studio nearby, west of Lancaster.